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Home Task 6
Talk about your nationality and culture. This writing assignment will mainly use the simple present verb tense. If you talk about a personal experience or history, use the simple past/past continuous.

What is your favorite traditional food? Why?
What holidays do you celebrate in your country?
Briefly (briefly=shortly) talk about the history of this holiday and why it is celebrated in your country today.
How do you celebrate? What do you do with your family on a holiday?
What else do you like or not like about your country and its culture?
Home Task 5
Talk about your dream house. Use phrases like : I want..., I will..., I`m going to...., etc.
We are talking about the future, so use the future tenses.
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Class Presentation
Home Task 4
Write about something you are going to do.Use the simple future tense.
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Class 7
Class 6
Home Task 3
Write about a time you went shopping! Use the simple past tense!
Use verbs like buy (bought) and like (liked).

What stores did you visit?
What were you looking for?
Did you find what you were looking for?
What did you buy?
Who went with you?
Did they buy anything?
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Class 3,4,5
Home Task 2
Write about a time you went on vacation. (Make sure to use the simple past tense!)

Where did you go?
What places did you visit?
What foods did you eat?
What was transportation like? (bus, metro, taxis, etc)
What was the best part of your trip?
Was there something you didn`t like?
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Class 1 & 2 Presentations
Presentation 1: http://webilang.com/users/files/download1127.html
Presentation 2: http://webilang.com/users/files/download1128.html