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Why the Ukranian political crisis is relevant to English learning on Webilang?
Why I think that the Ukranian political crisis is relevant to English learning on Webilang? (Are you the captain of your fate?)

These are random thoughts that come to my mind when I was assisting one of Webilang classes that was about Russian/American culture.
The majority of the Ukrainian people want to identify themselves as Europeans. This is the impression I get from the news.
At the same time in a short term economic perspective they might benefit from closer ties with Russia. Also Mr. Yanukobich wants to stay President after 2015 and he hopes to get support from Russia.
There a clash between the European values that the Ukranians want to re-adopt which are individual rights and supremacy of law and the immediate material needs.
Russia trades material values (cheep gas) for intangible values (freedom of individuals) to the Ukraine.
I might be wrong but I have an analogy: many Russians today turn the blind eye to human rights violations, social injustice, autocratic rule by Putin. They 'traded' these values for the abundance of goods and foods, cheap trips to Turkey and affordable bank loans.
Through interactions with our American partners on Webilang we learn that these European values are not mere speculations but a reality.
In my opinion, to a large extent, the Russians (the middle and upper middle class) did share cultural values with the Europeans (and Americans) in the 18,19 century and the beginning of the 20th century).
Now the Russians seem to have reversed to the values that probably existed in the 16-17 century which seem outdated today. The values that they have were shared by economically disadvantaged Russians in the past: distrust of individduals toward each other, delegating control over an individual life to the government, uncertainty avoidance. In other words, Russians do not want to be Captains of their Fate and of their own Country.
New Grammar exercises: Conditionals 1 and 2
Complete the sentences using Conditional 1:

Practice the use of Conditionals 2:
A new Grammar exercise: Past Simple or Present Perfect?
Practice the use of Present Simple or Past Simple:

A new vocabulary exercise: Appearance Idioms
Practice the use of appearance idioms:
New exercises on Webilang: Why do Russians seem impolite?
A humorous article about difference of manners in Russian and Britain will help you learn vocabulary related to time and politeness
Ororo.tv - сайт с бесплатным просмотром лучших сериалов на английском с субтиртрами
Отличный ресурс для бесплатного просмотра лучших сериалов на английском с субтитрами.

Мой лист 10 лучших сериалов, которые есть на этом сайте:
The Sopranos
Six Feet Under
Breaking Bad
Twin Peaks
The Office
Lie to Me
Sex and the City
The Americans (честно говоря, в основном, потому что главные герои - Russians)
Webilang на конференции WorldCALL 2013, Глазго, Шотландия
11-13 июля 2013 г. компания Webilang представила свою работу на международной конференции WorldCALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) в Глазго, Шотландия. Со всего мира более 250 преподавателей, исследователей, руководителей в области обучения иностранным языкам с помощью компьютерных технологий приняли участие в конференции.
Изображение уменьшено. Щелкните, чтобы увидеть оригинал.
Start writing your blog
Hi everyone! I just wanted to make sure that I am understood correctly: I asked you, Webilang users, to start your own blog on Webilang (not elsewhere). One of the main ideas of the site is to let Russian students who study English and American (or other non Russian) students who study Russian get connected with each other, both asynchronously (via blogs) and syncronously (via video conferences). But it's hard to get in touch with someone you barely know. So make yourself known to the other Webilang users. Start writing your blog and your posts will be read by your counterparts from Russia or USA. You will get comments and you will write comments yourself. That will be a great practice in writing and reading at least. When later you set up a meeting in a video conference - you already will know each other and the conversation will be much easier.

Here are a couple of examples of American and Russian students' blogs on Webilang:


Puting to protect Russian kids from Americans
What do you think about the ban on adoption of Russian kids by Americans? What do you know about the rally 'Protect our Children" that took place in Moscow on March 2, 2013? Do you know that this was a rally called 'puting' - because they are characteristic of the authoritarian rule by Putin in Russia. Puting is a rally to support either Putin or Medvedev or United Russia and their decisions. Organizers of such rallies very often bring their participants from provincial towns and pay them some cash (15-20$). The participants often have a very foggy idea what exactly they are supposed to support or protest against. Sometimes university administrations force students to take part in 'putings'.

Защитим русских детей от американцев!

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