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Make a digital audio recording, answering these 3 questions and using the plan for each of these questions. Make sure that your answer to each part is no more than 1,5 minutes (90 seconds). You can make either 3 different recordings for each of these questions or 1 recording for all the questions.

Try not to prepare or rehearse your answers. Take several moments to orient yourself and begin recording.

To make your audio recording use the Webilang Audiorecorder. See the instructions on how to use the Webilang audiorecorder.

Part 1. Speak about your home town or village.
• What kind of place is it?
• What’s the most interesting part of your town/village?
• What kind of jobs do the people in your town/village do?
• Would you say it’s a good place to live? (Why?)

Part 2. Describe something you own which is very important to you.
You should say:
-where you got it from
-how long you have had it
-what you use it for
-and explain why it is important to you.
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factory town >> industrial town
divided into two parts
the economic situation is not very well >> not very good
resources are not exploitated >> exploited
a good place to live [liv]
chemical [kemikal]

I bought car >> I bought a car
I feeled >> I felt
I can go to any place what I want >> I could go to any place that I wanted
extra spend >> extra spending
come to home >> come home
which situated >> which is situated

finished part >> final part
consider [konside]
in global mean >> in a global perspective
people's values are not changed >> people's values have not changed
there are nothing changed in people life >> nothing has changed in people's lives
opportunity to government people >> an opportunity to govern people
it's cause >> it's a cause [ko:z]
They lived in the USSR and there are not very rich people >> ... there were no very rich people