The Monkey' Paw review Olga Yudina

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Can I recommend reading a story by William W. Jacobs’ "The Monkey’s Paw"?

Perhaps this story is a bit scary, but I think you can recommend it because this story has a deep meaning ... It touches upon ideas and problems for all times. For example, it seems to me that one should be careful in the wording of desires for the future, because the price for hasty and deliberate desires is excessively high .. In the same way you should not look for easy solutions and chase the "freebie". Sometimes we have to pay more for something that we received for granted.. We need to listen to people warning you about expensive price of a wish. I think is worth reading this short story.

Jacobs did really well to create an oppressive atmosphere of the story. I liked this story, it is truly original and interesting. I was really intrigued by the plot. The story`s climax set a thrilling question: how would the son look like if White didn`t have time to make the third wish. The story makes you wonder what our desires can turn into (even the most innocent ones). The main character - Mr. White, in my opinion, hit the wrong path when he did not obey the Major. His son was killed because of Mr. White`s curiosity, naiveté, and greed.. Only after the loss of his son, Mr.White realized that he had made a mistake .. The most important conclusion that I can make after reading the story is that we should learn how to admit our mistakes and correct them on time – that is exactly what the old man did.

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