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Write an essay of no more than 300 words about the topic:
Do you think technology is making us more or less social?
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I think technology is making us less social. There are four major causes of this situation. Let’s look at it.

First. Technology is everywhere now. It helps us in many area of our life and often there isn’t need to communicate with other people. What is a reason to visit bank office and have dialog with staff, if you can make operations with web-banking service? What is a reason to visit book store, if you can stay home alone and download e-book?
Second. Communication via information technology is limited by a device. What is a reason to learn communication skills, if your PC is good safety barrier between you and your opponent? PC never bump you for misbehavior!
Third. Technology gives us new kind of time spending. Why should young men play in football with friends, do physical efforts and try to become football team leader in real life, if he can win Super Bowl in virtual computer game in his cozy apartment?
Fourth. Communication technology influences on our emotions during communicating and change our psychology. Person can have two hundred friends in Facebook. But are they all his true friends? Technology increases our communication quantitatively, but reduces quality of relationship between people. When “friend” is just a nickname in the net, it is usual situation, for young generation especially.

In history perspective, it are not global changes, if we become less social a little or more social. Times are changing, but people are not. Seven mortal sins have been existing yet and any kind of goodness too. People also are flock essences and for us reducing kind of sociability is not a problem.
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