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Technologies of the FUTURE!
Imagine you are a famous inventor. You recently made a new innovation to the smart home. Smart houses are now capable of brushing your teeth for you. Some critics of your invention say, "That`s NASTY!" "Why would you ever do that?" Defend your scientific breakthrough, explaining why your invention is useful to society.
Watch the first 1:37 of the video here and answer the questions below.

1. ____________________ and ______________________ need to work together for you to move.
2. In order to move, your muscles need to ________________.
3. Complete the quotation: "Bones form the ________ of our bodies."
4. _____________________ hold bones together.
5. _____________________ connect muscles to bones.
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phrasal verbs
Read the sentences below to determine the meaning of the underlined phrasal verbs. Then, try to come up with four to five sentences on your own using the verbs listed. Удачи!

1. Don`t smoke in the forest. Fires break out easily this time of year.
2. I look forward to seeing my friends again.
3. I`m afraid we have run out of apple juice. Do you want some orange juice instead?
4. Did you hear the news? James and Samantha called off their wedding!
5. Samantha said she couldn`t put up with James` bad attitude anymore.
6. James said that Samantha would always make up reasons to fight with him.
7. Susan made an apple pie this morning. Her husband thought it was so good that he got carried away and ate the whole thing before Susan even had a slice.
8. I can`t do without my fidget spinner. I take it with me everywhere I go.
9. Poor Gretchen! Her mother passed away last week.
10. Please Take out the trash when you leave.
Using Idioms
Imagine you are speaking with an American friend of yours. You want to impress them with your knowledge of English, so you decide to answer their questions using only idioms. Create a short dialogue (4 - 6 lines) where you respond with some of the idioms we learned on Monday.
Middle Ages
Imagine you are a Roman citizens and the Visigoths are besieging your city. Your best friend`s family all starved to death and he came to you looking for food. He has helped you out in the past and you owe him a favor, but you are worried that you won`t have enough food to feed your family. Do you give him food or do you send him away? Justify your decision.
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Video Games
Think back to the article we read on Monday. Do you agree with the article? Given the information provided in the article, would you encourage your children to play video games? Why or why not?
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