Middle Ages

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Imagine you are a Roman citizens and the Visigoths are besieging your city. Your best friend`s family all starved to death and he came to you looking for food. He has helped you out in the past and you owe him a favor, but you are worried that you won`t have enough food to feed your family. Do you give him food or do you send him away? Justify your decision.
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Дарья Хитрых # 20 октября 2017 в 02:13 +1
I think in such situation I`d share my food with friend. Of course I don`t know if I will be able to feed my family in future, but my friend will die soon if I don`t help him now. Maybe we all still have a chance, and small part of my food will help my friend to survive? And in the past he didn`t say no when I needed help - how can I refuse him in such a hard situation?
Jonathan Spring # 21 октября 2017 в 21:15 0
I agree. It`s important to act honorably, even in desperate times.
Valentin Dodatko # 20 октября 2017 в 12:53 +1
In the such situation I shared food with him. And later we`ll are thinked together about "How and where we can get more food?" I did it, because he is my friend and when i needed in help - he didn`t say no.
Jonathan Spring # 21 октября 2017 в 21:19 0
You have a good point Valentin. He might prove to be a useful asset to you.
Dmitriy Stepurin # 20 октября 2017 в 14:17 +1
I think I’ll try give him some food. First I must return the favor. Second it’s very hard to leave a friend in trouble. You can’t rescue everyone, but you should try to help someone. Together deal with the problem easier.
Jonathan Spring # 21 октября 2017 в 21:22 0
You`re right, it is difficult to turn down a friend in need. Hopefully you could work together to solve your problem.