phrasal verbs

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Read the sentences below to determine the meaning of the underlined phrasal verbs. Then, try to come up with four to five sentences on your own using the verbs listed. Удачи!

1. Don`t smoke in the forest. Fires break out easily this time of year.
2. I look forward to seeing my friends again.
3. I`m afraid we have run out of apple juice. Do you want some orange juice instead?
4. Did you hear the news? James and Samantha called off their wedding!
5. Samantha said she couldn`t put up with James` bad attitude anymore.
6. James said that Samantha would always make up reasons to fight with him.
7. Susan made an apple pie this morning. Her husband thought it was so good that he got carried away and ate the whole thing before Susan even had a slice.
8. I can`t do without my fidget spinner. I take it with me everywhere I go.
9. Poor Gretchen! Her mother passed away last week.
10. Please Take out the trash when you leave.
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Дарья Хитрых # 10 ноября 2017 в 23:41 0
Every week I look forward to our English lesson.
When I see that I ran out of coffee in my kitchen, I am disappointed.
I have a tragedy - my hamster passed away yesterday.
Jonathan Spring # 15 ноября 2017 в 08:17 0
Thanks Darya! I look forward to our English lesson too.
On the second sentence it is better to say, "When I see that I have run out of coffee in my kitchen, I am disappointed." Also, consider the verbs "notice" or "realize" as good alternatives to the verb "see."
On the third sentence, we don`t usually say that we "have a tragedy." It is more natural to say that "there has been a tragedy," that "there was a tragedy" or that "a tragedy occurred."
Dmitriy Stepurin # 14 ноября 2017 в 18:09 0
1. My friend looks forward to summer vacation. He wants travel to Barselona.
2. When you work in workshop look around. From a spark solvent or sawdust may break out. Clean up the workplace after yourself!
3. Hey guys! Can you take out Pavel bag if you will see him today.
4. Once my brother tried do without hammer. He used a stone to smashing nails. It was a bad idea.
5. Yesterday I walked in the park. Weather was good. I got carried away and forgot about time when I understood that was getting dark.
Jonathan Spring # 15 ноября 2017 в 09:01 0
Hi Dmitriy!
1) In this situation, we would say "my friend is looking forward to summer vacation." We usually use "look forward to" in more formal situations. For an example, in a phone call with a potential employer we might say, "I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss my qualifications for this job."

2) We could say that a "fire may break out in the workshop." For something to "break out" means that it begins suddenly. A fight can break out or begin suddenly, a war can break out, or a riot can break out.

3) In this situation, we use the phrasal verb "to take out" to talk about removing something from somewhere. For instance, Pavel took out his wallet to pay for dinner. We could also say, Pavel took his wallet out (of his pocket) to pay for dinner.

4) "do without a hammer." "He used a stone to hammer in nails" or to "hammer nails into the wall."

Thank you for all your sentences!
Valentin Dodatko # 14 ноября 2017 в 21:55 0
1. In connection with the repair in the gym called off trainings.
2. When I warmed up food I went to check my 3d printer and got carried away, the dinner was spoiled.
3. Every training I looking forward to my young apprentice.
4. Today all people cann`t do without phone, because save a lot off time when they use it/
Jonathan Spring # 15 ноября 2017 в 10:05 0
1) "Due to" repairs being done in the gym, training was called off.

2) "As I was warming up food, I went to check out my 3d printer and got carried away."

3) "Every training I look forward to seeing my young apprentice. In this case, we use "look forward" because the situation happens habitually. Every training

4) "People these days can`t do without a phone"

Very nice sentences, thanks!