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Think back to the article we read on Monday. Do you agree with the article? Given the information provided in the article, would you encourage your children to play video games? Why or why not?
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Дарья Хитрых # 13 октября 2017 в 01:48 +1
I don’t have any reasons to be cynical about the information in that article, because I saw similar information about video games before. As for children - I certainly wouldn’t disallow them playing video games unless they spend all their free time doing it. But if they won’t be interested in playing video games, I wouldn’t encourage them to do it, I think there are lots of opportunities in the world to improve your skills besides video games.
Rebeca Aguirre # 13 октября 2017 в 13:13 +1
Darya, I find your points very interesting. I would expect someone so involved with video games to encourage everyone who is not interested in games to play! But I agree with you, there are many opportunities and ways to improve your different skills, and if a child wasn`t interested, it would not affect them negatively at all.
Valentin Dodatko # 13 октября 2017 в 13:49 0
Information received in the article for me is not new. In the world there are a lot of different and contradictory views on this issue and this article is one of them. In the case of children, I would not prohibit playing video games, but would not allow them to spend all their free time. I totally agree with Daria's opinion.

If we consider the game as an element of learning at different ages, then this is a good thing. Teaching children in a playful way gives good results and helps develop certain skills. Using various extensions like Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move or Kinekt can give a good motor load not only to children but also to adults. But to spend all free time on this is not reasonable. Therefore, children need to be introduced to various activities (diy, sports, drawing, music, etc.) and support their desire to try themselves in them.
Rebeca Aguirre # 14 октября 2017 в 11:49 +1
I agree with you Valentin. When I was young, we learned typing through games which would give you higher scores for better typing. With those, I learned to type quickly and correctly. But of course we did not get to spend a lot of time playing games in school, or we would not have learned anything else. I did not think about things such as the Kinekt! I think the movement towards active games was a good change in the industry.
Dmitriy Stepurin # 13 октября 2017 в 17:10 +1
Article is only one view on this problem. If you look for some information, you can find reasons for different points of view. Earlier similar agitation arose in matters of television. Now it’s easier with this.

I prefer to give children their own choice. Because I believe, that the more you forbid, the more people are drawn to forbidden. Especially children. In my opinion, it’s better to control and help.
Rebeca Aguirre # 14 октября 2017 в 11:53 +1
Dmitriy, I did not know that there used to be agitation regarding learning through television! That is very interesting, since now there are hundreds of shows made for teaching children. You have a good point when you say that children will be drawn to what is forbidden. I think I will have to follow your advice with children!