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 Club for IT professionals studying English at the intermediate level

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Jonathan Spring, 22 мая 2018:
Week 14

For the next couple of weeks we are going to be reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. The novel tells the story of a boy living in a utopian society where all may not be as perfect as it seems.

In order to begin thinking about the novel, let`s start by creating a utopian society of our own. Imagine the following scenario:

A large area of your country has been set aside by the current government for the development of a new nation. This area will include an invited international community of 20,000 men and women. Imagine that your group has to decide the laws of this new country.

Here are some questions to help get you started:

1. Which political system will the country have?
2. What will the official language(s) be?
3. Will there be censorship?
4. What industries will your country try to develop?
5. Will citizens be allowed to carry a gun?
6. Will there be the death penalty?
7. Will there be a state religion?
8. What kind of immigration policy will there be?
9. What will the educational system be like? Will there be compulsory education to a certain age?
10. Who will be allowed to marry?
11. Will there be free ice cream?

Please come to class on May 23 ready to discuss your ideas.

Here is a link to the novel: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AuhLa-T8p9yPt2hQG90Uc969KeaW

Here is a link to the vocabulary we went over on Monday: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AuhLa-T8p9yPt3L2-wAHUQ2LElHP

Jonathan Spring, 19 мая 2018:
Week 13

Have you ever had food that you didn`t like? Famous cooking TV personality chef Gordon Ramsay certainly has. Watch what happened below:


Here are links to the activities we went over in class on Wednesday:

Describing food: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AuhLa-T8p9yPt0w5EAK2Wv1BCjGM
Idioms related to the mouth: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AuhLa-T8p9yPt02lZ9zJciuDzjlN
Jonathan Spring, 24 апреля 2018:
Week 11

Please prepare a memorandum to present in class on Wednesday using the following prompt:

Изображение уменьшено. Щелкните, чтобы увидеть оригинал.
Jonathan Spring, 11 апреля 2018:
Week 9

English has some tricky words in it. Here is a list of irregular plural nouns:

Jonathan Spring, 3 апреля 2018:
Read the story, and then finish it with a paragraph of your own. Will Aunt Madge reunite with her childhood sweetheart, or is it too late? the decision is yours:

As a child, my grandmother would often tell me stories. Stories of times gone by, of other eras. And I would listen with eager fascination, especially to the stories of her childhood. One story I will always remember was of my `Auntie Madge`, my great-aunt. She was a lovely woman, who I once met as a child. She was a quiet woman, unassuming. My grandmother told me how Auntie Madge had been a dazzling young lady. How all the boys in the neighborhood had wanted to take her out on dates. But Auntie Madge only had eyes for one very nice young man, with 8whom (who) she had fallen in love.
Although the young couple planned to spend the rest of their lives together, there was a problem: my great-great-aunt Ada. Auntie Madge`s mother. Ada had a reputation for being a bit of a dragon and wanting to control everything. Ada had decided that she didn’t approve of the young man in question and she wasn`t at all happy to let her daughter marry him.
After some persuasion, however, she reluctantly made a deal with Auntie Madge, saying, `OK. If the two of you are determined to marry, then all I will ask is that you stay away from each other for one year. During that time, you shouldn`t see each other, speak to each other, or write each other letters. And if, after a year, he writes to you and still wants to marry you, then I will accept. I`ll consent.`
It was a long year, but the couple kept their promise. But, after a year, Auntie Madge never heard from the young man and had to assume that he`d found someone else. She subsequently married another man, but the marriage was very unhappy and eventually ended in divorce. From then on, Auntie Madge lived alone, and she never had children. Years later, when her mother died, Madge found a box belonging to her mother. It was a small wooden box, which her mother had kept hidden in the back of her wardrobe. Madge lifted the lid gently and peered inside. The moment she saw them, she recognised his handwriting. At the bottom of the box, lying unopened after all those years, were dozens of letters from the man she had wanted to marry.
Jonathan Spring, 21 марта 2018:
Week 6

The tests at Hogwarts aren’t anything like the ones you had to take in Muggle school. A mistake on one of these test could blow up the desk or change your classmate into something rather unpleasant. Write a passage about the most difficult test you had to take, either in real life or in your “wizard life.”

Here is a link to the powerpoint from monday`s class:

Jonathan Spring, 14 марта 2018:
Week 5

You`ve worked hard all year and it`s finally time for a well deserved vacation. However, before you go you will need to record a new voicemail greeting telling customers that you will be out of the office. Write a voicemail greeting with a partner explaining that you are on vacation and when you will return.

Изображение уменьшено. Щелкните, чтобы увидеть оригинал.
Jonathan Spring, 5 марта 2018:
Week 4

Edgar Allen Poe was a famous author and central figure of Romanticism in the United States. His stories are Gothic in nature and often take place in a grim and macabre atmosphere. He often employs death, the grotesque, and other dark themes in his writing.

This week, we are going to read Poe`s story, "The Tell-Tale Heart." As a warm up, please work with a partner to think of some elements that you might expect to find in a scary story.

Jonathan Spring, 25 февраля 2018:
Week 2

Привет всем!

Please watch the following video of Bob Dylan performing "Blowin in the Wind":


Bob Dylan wrote this song in 1963, the same year as the March on Washington, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I have a Dream" speech.

The song shares many themes that are similar to Martin Luther`s speech. Please come to class prepared to talk about "Blowin in the Wind."