Can, Have to, Must

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Read the sentences and put the verbs in bold into the correct category-


Not possible//not allowed:


Not necessary:

1. I have to wake up early in the morning to go to work.

2. Where can I buy organic groceries?

3. You don`t have to wash your hair everyday!

4. My brother can`t decide what to eat for lunch.

5. I must drink coffee in the morning or else I can`t stay awake during the day.

6. When can I reserve a hotel room?

7. My mother tells me that I don`t have to worry about the future.

8. I told my boss that I can`t work on Wednesday because I have to take care of my sick child.

9. You must take care of my dog this weekend because I have to visit my grandpa on Saturday.

10. My son and daughter can take care of themselves. They are quite responsible for their age and can decide how to live their lives.

11. My friend told me that I must not go to New York this weekend. There`s a flue epidemic going around the city!

12. I told my parents that they don`t have to worry about me anymore. But they didn`t listen to me. They told me that they can and will worry about their child. They`re great parents.
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