Secret Talents

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Imagine that you are being interviewed to work at Hollywood. You are asked, "What kind of secret talents do you have?"
Explain three of your secret talents or secret talents you wish you had. Use the guide below to help explain your secret talents =)

1. What your secret talent is.
For example: My secret talent is juggling. I can juggle bananas, watermelons, and many other things.

2. How you discovered your secret talent.
For example: I discovered my secret talent when I was a child. When I was nine years old my mother showed me how to juggle.

3. When you have used your secret talent.
For example: I have used my secret talent when I worked at a circus. I juggled swords and torches. It was a dangerous and fun experience.

4. Have you ever used your secret talent in public.
For example: Yes I have juggled in public. When I worked at the circus I juggled in front of a lot of people.
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