Small Talk and Elevator Pitch

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Choose 1 role and 1 situation.

You are a 1) designer of clothes/2) accountant/ 3) housewife/4) traveller

In a hotel, you are going on the elevator with Calvin Klein/George Soros/an old lady/a young handsome man

1) As a designer of clothes invite Calvin Klein to look at your collection of clothes

2) As an accounant, offer George Soros your services

3) As a housewife, try to give out a dog that you found to the old lady

4) As a traveller, invite a young handsome man to join you for a game of (volleyball, tennis, dominos, cards)

Write and make audiorecording of your elevator speech.

Смотрите как пользоваться аудиорекордером:

To make your speech, use the plan:
Say your name
Say where you are from
Say what makes you (your situation) unique
Say what you want from this person
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Vera Vorotnikova # 22 июня 2017 в 05:02 0
Good afternoon! I recognized you Calvin Klein. Right? You look great. I like your style,a talented person, you are an artist.Our meeting is fate. I love fashion and I'm a designer of clothes. I invite you today to your show. Will you come?
Anastasia # 22 июня 2017 в 23:12 0
Hello, my name is Anastasia. I live in Russia in the city of Omsk. Yesterday in the street I found a little pretty dog. If you go to my room and look at the dog and you like it, I'll give it to you.