Global Citizen, Fall 2016
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As a student in the Global Citizen course, you will be guided toward:

  • finding your way in a changing world
  • making sense of what is happening globally 
  • improving your English communications skills: expressing opinions, requests, advice, complaints; apologies, evaluation, criticism 

 Course topics:


  1. Elections
  2. Literature
  3. Immigration and refugees


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Olga Vasina, 27 сентября 2016:
Hello! My name is Olga. Now I am doing a PhD course in ecology in Moscow State University and teaching chemistry at secondary school.
I am married and have 2-years-old daughter. Her name is Kseniya.
My future plans are to finish my PhD course and give birth to at least one more child.
I like travelling, I like the English language. That is why I am here.
Albert Karpov, 21 сентября 2016:
Hello. My name is Albert. I am happy to become a member of this club))
Elina Prekina, 20 сентября 2016:
Hello! My name is Elina and I am studying at Foreign Languages Faculty with Diana. I try to catch every opportunity in my life to improve myself therefore I decided to take this course. Moreover, it is a great chance to practice and improve my English skills communicating with native speakers.

Speaking about my future, I would like to find a job that would bring joy to me and use to others. And I suppose, of course, it will relate to languages.
Diana Shitova, 20 сентября 2016:
Hello everyone! My name is Diana and I`m a 4th Year Student studying at Foreign Languages Faculty at Omsk State University. I think that when studying languages you always should communicate with native speakers and learn something about their culture - that`s why I`m here.

As for my future plans, I want to move abroad and to speak English like a native speaker, and I hope that it would give me great opportunities in my future job. In addition, I`d like to fulfil my potential in design - there are always some creative ideas in my head.. But the biggest plan in my life - to live a long happy life! :)
Joe Liro, 17 сентября 2016:
Dear Friends!

Welcome to Global Citizen. During the next ten weeks we will look at three principal topics: modern and classical American poetry; American humor; and contemporary American politics, especially questions of immigrants, migrants, and refugees. In American usage, these latter are known as “hot button” issues.

We will be meeting in the fall, in the final weeks of the American presidential election, and in the weeks leading to Thanksgiving Day, the best (my opinion) of the many American holidays. These events will surely affect our conversations.

This course is sponsored by Omsk State University and taught by Professors Jan Marston, Pete Smith, and Joe Liro, all experienced university language teachers.

Your success in this program depends upon regular attendance, preparing for the online classes and doing all of the assigned homework, posting on the стена клуба, and active participation in our online meetings. There will be no concluding exam at the end of the course, instead, evaluation will be based on smaller, cumulative assignments.

For our first meeting, we ask that you prepare an “elevator speech” explaining who you are, what you are studying, and what your future plans are. What’s an “elevator speech,” and why is it called that? Wikipedia is a good place to look. Google will find you many other sources. Please post your elevator speech as a comment to this post before our meeting on Tuesday.

Your faculty:

Professor Jan Marston
Professor Pete Smith
Professor Joe Liro

p.s. Here’s a little joke, an анекдот:

Jerry: How did you like your job as an elevator operator?
Tom: Oh, it had its ups and downs.